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When you buy large numbers of Instagram followers, what happens?

Building a large following on Instagram requires time and effort. Many people opt to buy Instagram followers to grow their accounts quickly. While it may seem like a quick fix, buying have negative consequences that harm your reputation in the long run. When you buy Instagram followers, you risk damaging your brand’s reputation and credibility. It is easy to spot an account with fake followers, which often leads to people questioning the authenticity of your brand or product.  Turns potential customers off from your business as they may not trust what you’re putting out there. If a person or company is found buying followers by their audience or even competitors. It becomes challenging for them to regain that trust again in the future.

Fake followers

Most vendors who sell Instagram followers use bots or fake accounts to inflate your follower count. These fake accounts are often created using automated software and do not engage with your content or provide buy real Instagram followers for organic growth value to your account. Buying fake followers will affect your account negatively as these accounts will never interact with your posts or possibly even see them. It means that you won’t receive any engagement from these purchased followers no likes or comments on your posts. If someone were to look at your follower list closely, they would notice that many of them have incomplete profiles, low post counts, and lack engagement across other profiles they follow. False accounts with low quality in high numbers can harm the credibility of individuals’ brands and businesses.

Low engagement rates

Instagram algorithms prioritize relevant content in users’ feeds based on how engaging with content from other similar accounts they follow. When you purchase fake followers who don’t engage with your content this signals Instagram’s algorithms that people are not interested in what you’re posting about hence lower reach for future posts. When you have 10K+ bought-followers but barely get engagements (likes, comments, views) compared to the number of total followers. It sends out alarm bells indicating something fishy going on behind the scenes which can lead to getting flagged by IG’s spam-detection algorithms.

Buying Instagram followers might seem like a quick way to grow your follower count to understand the risks involved before doing so. You can lose real audiences who engage organically with your content as well as your credibility and reputation if you do this. Focusing on vanity metrics like follower counts one should prioritize building meaningful connections with their target audience through engaging content paid promotions while keeping within IG’s TOS.