house purchase

Homes for sale by individuals: the promotion of the property

You have arranged and valued the house to prepare it for sale, you have established the right price by evaluating all the necessary characteristics of the apartment, what to do now? If you want to sell a house privately, you will have to take care of the promotion of the property yourself : an activity that requires a lot of patience and energy

Today there are several channels, especially online, to promote a house for sale. Between these:

Social media : you can post the ad on your profiles to spread the word with your circle of contacts, but also on the Facebook Marketplace or other social groups.

These are the tools available to those who sell homes privately, while a real estate agency would implement a more structured and massive promotional strategy and a dedicated marketing plan , including advertising (on real estate portals and digital campaigns), promotional activities to a large catchment area and direct marketing activities more targeted at potential investors, as well as home books, real estate brochures , professional photographic services, virtual tours and more. In most cases, in fact, publishing an ad on real estate portals is not enough.

Selling independently: visits

Once your ad has been published, it is desirable to receive many contact requests by phone, sms or email. Among these, a good chunk will be represented by simply “curious” users. If you want to sell a house independently, the first piece of advice we can give you is to select only the requests of those who are actually interested in your apartment and represent a potential buyer.

Here’s how to best organize your visits :

Make a first telephone interview, in order to select the potential buyer and provide all the essential information they need.

Do not negotiate on the price over the phone or by mail, but ask them to come and visit the house and talk about it in person.

Organize visits when you are more free, so as not to be rushed and give the potential buyer all the time necessary to “visualize” in the new home.

Welcome the visitor warmly and present the house clean, bright and tidy.