All You Must Know About Home Buying


We at Simple Home Buyer can genuinely improve your selling process. We purchase houses in Dayton in any condition. Real estate brokers in the area make the process scary and night before going to bed. Finding a buyer could take weeks, and the majority will require mortgage financing. Simply said, it takes longer. We buy & close as cash buyers in days!


We have assisted numerous sellers who wanted to swiftly complete their transactions, and we are prepared to provide you with a free quote for your home. Through the cash sales procedure, you can skip a buyer’s new mortgage delays plus keep more of your money because you won’t be paying an agent’s commission.

In addition to that, I can quickly purchase your home from you so you may proceed with the other goals you make for the upcoming year.

Unlike when they list your property with a typical realtor, there have been no charges or fees whenever your work with all of us. You never want to be concerned about paying additional fees to sell your home quickly or even having it “business” to sell. Your home is up for sale, exactly as is.

We purchase properties in Dayton in any condition, regardless of how beautiful or ugly they are or where they are located.

For a Dayton house, “all-cash” means exactly that — all money! We do not even rely on conventional finance like retail buyers since we are investors who really are buying your house directly. There is no chance of the loan falling through or closure taking longer when your sell to us. That is the complete amount we will pay you at close if we offer us an offer.


Our goal is to offer you the fairest bargain we can. We are transparent about just how we arrive at an initial offer, unlike other buyers or big tech companies. What experts give is understood to be the home’s prospective value following the completion of the necessary improvements and alterations. Because we are totally honest about it, we are happy to walk you through all of the trading patterns. For more details visit