How To Shop For A Natural Gas Provider In Georgia

Natural gas is a cost-effective and safe method of heating commercial or residential structures. It is also a major source of energy for the economy, as it powers stoves, water heaters and other appliances. It is a domestically-produced energy source that helps reduce emissions from the atmosphere. It’s now easier than ever to select a supplier for your natural gas requirements, thanks to deregulation in your region. You can now shop around and compare prices to find the most affordable deal for your requirements.

In natural gas areas that are regulated (such as Georgia), the company that owns and maintains the pipeline network that bring gas to your home is the local distribution company or LDC. They take your meter readings and send you an annual bill. The natural gas supplier, in contrast, is a business or company that sources the gas you use and then delivers it to your home via the pipelines of the LDC. You can save money on your gas by searching around for the best prices in a market that is not regulated.

Residential Natural Prices for Gas in Georgia

Nationally the prices for ga gas rates in residential homes dropped in 17 states and increased in 28 states in January. New Mexico had the largest decrease, with rates decreasing almost 9%. South Carolina had the highest natural-gas prices in the country, with prices rising more than 4% between December and January.

Businesses and Industrial Natural Gas Rates in Georgia

The cost of commercial natural gas in Georgia is heavily influenced by the current cost of gas and the supply. As a result, the cost of commercial natural gas in Georgia can vary dramatically. Georgia’s natural gas cost is higher than the national average but the state is one of the most affordable for industrial natural gas.

Spark Energy, an ESCO that provides fixed rates at competitive rates for businesses, is a good choice for business owners who would like to make use of natural gas. The companies listed below have been vetted by NYSEG as credible and have been authorized to supply natural gas to your business. NYSEG does not endorse or recommend these suppliers, and does not make any representations about their performance, operations or affiliations, nor any other aspect of their business.

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