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Three unique Home Staging Hacks To Seal The Deal

While selling a property, imagine yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you were the buyer, you probably would have knocked on every room’s door and peeked at every corner to check for any damages or hidden cracks. Most customers want their new house to be squeaky clean and fully furnished. After all, who wants to move into a new home and start painting? Even if someone shows interest in a broken home, they are likely plotting to bargain on the selling price.

While taking care of the Knicks and knacks of house staging, homeowners usually forget to reinforce these three factors mentioned in this blog.

Use display towels

The kitchen and bathroom are the soft spots of many home buyers. If you want to win them, you have to keep your bathroom and kitchen impressive. Don’t keep dirty hand towels or damp napkins on the counter.

For staging, throw all your towels in a basket or place them on a hook behind the door. Buy new, clean towels for show. The display towels don’t need to be expensive or fancy. A plain, white towel from the dollar store will work best.

Decorate your bed with luxurious pillows

Place some fluffy pillows on the bed. It will make your bedroom look rich and classy. Make sure the bedsheet has a minimalistic design and looks sober. Matching the bedsheets with the pillow covers will get you brownie points.

You don’t have to use the pillows or keep them on the bed the whole day. Once the house staging is over, keep them by your nightstand.

Use flowers to make the house refreshing and inviting

Add fresh flowers to the living room table or dining table to give the room a refreshing look.

You can get fresh roses attached to some greenery for a pop of colour to your house. Place a bud vase with fresh blooms in the bathroom for fragrance and to enhance the view of the bathroom. If you have space, you can also keep a beautiful orchid.

These are a few creative ways to impress potential clients. If you feel staging is not your cup of tea and still want an attractive price for your home, sell it to They buy houses for cash at a reasonable cost without compromising time.