A Home Purchase

Steps To Take Before Purchasing A Home In A Seller’s Market

With so many people and not enough houses, it can be hard to find the perfect home. But when you do find a house that looks promising, and you’re itching to move on it, there are a few crucial steps that you should take before making an offer.

Step 1: Saving up for a down payment

It’s tempting to rush out and buy the first house that you see, but it’s better if you wait. You need to be prepared with a solid down payment in hand before even considering making an offer on the property. Being prepared can take some time, so you’ll have to be patient. To find out what’s new, click here https://www.webuyhouses-7.com/colorado/we-buy-homes-denver-co/.

Step 2: Meeting with a lawyer

Even before you’ve lost your patience and made an offer on a property, it’s a good idea to meet with a lawyer and have them go over the contract. They’ll tell you what the seller expects from you, and how much freedom of action you have in making the offer. And they’ll tell you if any terms of the contract are unfair.

Step 3: Preparing a counter offer

Once you’ve had a chance to look over the contract, and with the help of your lawyer, it’s time to prepare another counter-offer. The magic number to use is at least 20% more than what they’re asking for. And while they can’t counter on price, they can counter on various other terms that could make buying their house more appealing to you. To explore further, visit https://www.mobile-home-buyers.com/colorado/sell-my-mobile-home-denver-co/.

Step 4: Meeting with the seller

When you’ve got your counter-offer ready, it’s time to meet with the seller. In a seller’s market, they’re not going to budge. They’re happy to hold on to their house and wait for the market to return to a more reasonable state. But if you’ve made a fair counter-offer, they should be willing to get into some negotiations.

Step 5: Negotiating

If they’re ready to negotiate, great. You can discuss the details of your offer. But if they aren’t, then you’ll have to wait until the market cools off. And it will take a while for that to happen.

Step 6: Writing up a counter-offer draft

When the seller doesn’t come back with an offer for buying your house, you can consider writing up a counter-offer draft and sending it back to them. The draft just serves as a background document, and you can use it to finalize the offer and write up the contract.